Tuesday 1.12.10

Who is the idiot?

These are some of the people that seem to be newsworthy over the last couple of days.

Simon Cowell. Leaving American Idol. Over the years I have very very randomly watched a few of the actual programs. Enough to know the characters and then probably received more knowledge about the program because of its newsworthiness. Daytime radio talk shows will report on “last night’s episode.” The guy seems to be a real piece of shit sometimes but I think he’s probably actually a pretty smart guy. He’s leaving this show to bring the UK’s X Factor to the US. I suppose it will compete somewhat with IDOL but it seems that we have a never ending supply of people with nothing better to do than watch crap like that. I do in fact think that what this show does is play into the idea that you or me or the kid next door just might be the next winner on a show like this. We’ll get our big break and off we will go, forgetting about the hard times and simply making a shitload of money singing about them.

Sarah Palin. A Fox News contributor now? Multi year contract, lotsa money. Give me a freaking break. This woman is nothing more than wandering freakshow heading for the trainwreck from hell. On her own she would be absolutely everything and the nothing that she was prior to being named VP running mate in 2008. It’s been just over a year… she will not go away. My guess is that someone (FOX) sees dollars here and will milk us for everything we can give.

Blago… This guy will eventually do time. Maybe after that instead of claiming to be blacker than Barack Obama he can at least claim to be the love receptacle to more ethnic dudes than Barack Obama. Now I hear he plans to represent himself in his own trial. This should be a barrel of laughs. I’m guessing we are hearing more about this dick-wad at the moment because he will be on the Apprentice fairly soon.

Mark McGuire. You douche. I listened to the whiny crying interview… All for health reasons and not to hit homers? Oh Bullshit. I have noticed that the baseball folks are using the phrase “steroid era” when mentioning any of these guys anymore. What they should do is disqualify those records and give these guys a swift kick in their steroided up  balls for taking advantage of all of us.

Me. I somehow gave a damn.

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