Saturday 1.16.10

Just when I thought winter was going to suck…

Comes the recent and ongoing “late-night” battles. I am personally finding this interesting and think I am probably looking at some of the best late night television in a long time. One of the advantages of being old and still having some of my memory capabilities left in tact, I can remember late night television from way, way back. I remember The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I watched it for years. It was sometimes funny as hell and sometimes boring and predictable as hell. It used to be on for an hour and a half. In later years it went to 1 hour and Johnny was not there as much. Many of these “new”, “young” comedians would host. Leno, Letterman, Joan Rivers, Steve Martin, David Brenner… on and on. I watched as Letterman left the Late Show and this Conan guy took the spot. I thought he was quite different, quite quirky and funny. I thought Leno was ok. I thought Letterman was probably king. I enjoy them all to a point and guess I kind of take them in moderation. I am never a dedicated viewer to any of them.

And then the shit hits the fan. Wow. I’m guessing that I’ll probably try to at least watch the monologues in Conan’s last week. The internet is great for catching up on all of them. I thought that Leno’s joke about Letterman taking shots at interns was out of line on Friday’s show. Why did I feel this way?

None of these guys are above taking a cheap shot every once in a while. In this case I felt that this joke was really not in keeping with the style of Leno. The delivery of the joke was obvious and intentional. The pause following was as if he was following up with “Yeah, I said it… what the f are you going to do about it?” For a guy and a network who claims that this guy appeals more to conservative America, it just came off to me as an out of character cheap shot at Letterman. Not only at Letterman but at the rest of us as well. This is not his style and yet it is like he is suddenly saying I can do and say whatever I want and I am not above playing dirty if I have to – just to do it. I can’t imagine that those in comedic social circles don’t see it as a shitty thing to do.

It will be an interesting week of Late Night tv.

Messing with images… I was working a bit with blending modes and overlays. Tiffany from 2009.

Joelle from 2009…


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