Wednesday 1.20.10

A long winter day.

Everything is gray, white, cold, dull and dirty. We expect rain and temps in the 40’s by the weekend. I predict extra slop. Someone came in last week and told me that they enjoyed the new snow when we get it as it covers up all of the nasty looking stuff. Then they went on to explain that they did not have to remove it, just look at it. I think we should get just enough of this to make it pretty for a few days. After that, bring on the global warming.

My Grandmother will be 95 in March. Lately, she has been having “episodes” that suggest age is catching up. She lives by herself in an adult living center in Illinois. The other day she became disoriented in some way, left some water running in her sink which overflowed… and then was found walking around in the hallway with wet feet, without her glasses or walker. The staff could not reach my father who lives nearby. Here’s where our technical age came in kind of handy…

The staff called my Uncle since they could not contact my Father. He lives near the Quad Cities which is probably about 80 miles away from where my Grandmother lives. He could not reach my brother because he did not have his cell number. My brother lives about 15 miles from the living center. He was online at the time so his hard line would not ring through… he still uses dial up. My Uncle called my wife who was in a bad cell zone. She got the message and came to see me. I tried to send an email to my brother. We were beginning to think about running to Illinois. We are about 60 miles away. My wife called one of my daughters and got my brother’s cell number as well as was able to contact other people though Facebook. She reached him and he was on his way. My Dad was already there when he got there. Some tests were done and my Grandmother is now in a nursing home for a bit.

Later that day when I checked in with my Father, he was quite amazed at the behind the scenes stuff that had gone on.


Would I vote for Obama again if the election was held today? It’s been a year since the inauguration. I guess I have to say that my hope for change is kind of like that picture above… grayed out a little. I’m waiting for spring. I’m waiting for the magic to happen. Where’s the magic? Where’s the sweeping change that we were promised?

The campaign was phenomenal. Perhaps the blowout of the Republican campaign added significantly to the success of the Dems. Whatever, things looked good and people were in place to do the things that they told us they were going to do. There was a Democratic President, there was a Democratic majority in the Senate. Everything was in place and the old regime was out the door. Now, in the present, the Democratic substance is much weaker than the style that was suggested. I don’t understand how they could let this happen. Losing a 46 plus year seat in the Massachusetts Senate is in my mind a complete and utter failure on the part of the Dems. How could they not see this coming? Even if they did not see this coming, how were they not fighting as hard to win that seat as they did to get Obama elected?

Perhaps the fight is going on but with the GOP pushing back so hard to see failure, we never see a result – or a positive result. I do still have hope. I have hope that one of these days things that go on in government will actually be in our best interest and not for the posturing for retaining seats for some of these politicians who seem to do nothing but run for re-election.

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