Tuesday 1.26.10 part 2

I’ve had a lot of fun here posting images, ranting and going off about a lot of things that I really probably don’t know enough about. Much of the time I am thinking about pictures and future picture concepts. Something that has appealed to me in a strange way for some time is the idea of an image taken in a dilapidated setting. A gritty, grungy room. Broken walls, peeling wallpaper, plaster cracked and revealing lath. (new construction does not use lath anymore) Rust, wetness, dripping, mold. I guess these are all things that somehow remind us of something that was but is not anymore.

Taking a model and throwing her into this setting, getting her dirty, looking forlorn, helpless and lonely in this setting is something I see over and over again. Perhaps she is not hopeless… perhaps she is the shining focus in an otherwise bad situation.

Seeing these images coming from the Haiti disaster has completely sucked the desire to do anything like this out of my system. Real people. Real situation. Going to get worse as it goes on. Somehow I can’t feel good about making a simulated or artificial image depicting nothing more than a “hot babe” in a grubby place. Seeing these images makes me feel like I should be there taking these images. I don’t know why… selfish and something to do. Something in me says that it does not matter that I did or did not take the image but that these images should be made to remind us that we are human. We hurt, we starve, we get sick, we die, we mourn, we completely lose every value that we have in order to survive. We steal, cheat, beg. We help. We go beyond the shit and become heroic… and no one ever needs to know about it. Pictures remind us. I think I want my pictures to remind us of something.

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