Tuesday 1.26.10


Shooting took less than an hour last night. Katie and her friend came to the studio to do a few shots for an upcoming long term idea that I am slowly working on. All I can say about it is that it should be pretty tasty when done and I hope to gain 2 or 3 pounds. Not likely if you know me. I tried… it does not work. Can you imagine what I would like like beefed up? Ha.

Anyway, Katie’s image is much more interesting than tea cups. Unless you are into tea cups…

I almost forgot… I mentioned that I had updated the firmware on the 50D. Usually (and perhaps I do this completely wrong) prior to shooting I set my white balance by shooting the model with a gray card. While I am shooting I am doing so in both RAW and JPG mode at the same time. I send the small JPG images home with the model on CD as a set of proofs.

I am pretty sure I did it the same as always but I will have to try this again. I metered my light as always, took a test shot to see if I agreed with what I was seeing. I shot the gray card with the model and used that image to set the white balance. This would be for JPG purposes only and my understanding is that a JPG image is what I see in the LCD. If I am wrong about that, someone let me know. Anyway, I set the image and then selected the “custom white balance” setting. I fired another shot to see if things were looking right. Usually what I see in the screen is something like a better color balance and a more vibrant image. This time the image was horribly blueish. I tried again, same thing. I said screw it, removed the images and started again using auto white balance instead. With RAW I can make adjustments as needed so it was not really a big deal. I’m just wondering if I made a mistake or if the new firmware has some issue…

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