Wednesday 1.28.10

More images from the Katie shoot…

I declined a model tonight. I don’t think I have ever done this before. A model had called me last week to set up a shoot for Tuesday evening. We scheduled. Monday night during the Katie shoot, the model called to see if she could reschedule for tonight, Wednesday night. No problem, I can do that. Doing any of this in the winter means heating up the studio area. This takes some time when it is 16 degrees outside. I normally do not heat the studio area all of the time as no one is in there when I am not shooting. Usually, I come to the studio about 30 minutes ahead of time to heat things up and get ready.

Tonight was on schedule. I was here, heat was on. Shooting was at 7. At about 7:10 I received a call from the model asking if I was still in the same place. I figured she was lost up or down the street… this happens sometimes. I told her I was in the same place (been here for 10 years). She told me she would see me at 8… she was just leaving her home at that time. I suggested that we reschedule for another time when she was not feeling so rushed and disorganized, as she told me she was feeling rushed and disorganized. She agreed, understood and would call to reschedule. I turned off the heat and made it home in time to catch the State of the Union address.

While I was heating the place up I worked on an image taken last fall…

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  1. joan

    In spite of how FUBAR this country is at the moment, Obama was pretty funny in his bi-polar speech. đŸ™‚ I felt like he had whipped his proverbial dick out and was thus dickwhippin most of congress with it. Good it just me, or did Biden and Pilosi look like they were playing with some kinda remote control vibrators back there?

    January 29, 2010 at 8:47 am

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