Monday 2.15.10

Messing around with higher ISO and blowing off work to go play.

The intention here was to capture a bursting sun without blowing out the sky and keeping the details of the foreground. Settings were somewhere around f/25, 1/800, 800 ISO. I’ll keep playing.

Today we took Max to the Discovery Center in Rockford…

Late note on these images… When I got home I shot a couple of random images and then quickly decided that they were no good so I was just going to remove them. Instead of removing just those last two images, I reformatted the card. Yeah… a brain fart. What was I thinking. I do this enough that I should have known better. I instantly knew what I had done and felt a huge loss. The pictures were gone.

I went online and found this program: DISKDIGGER. Not only did I recover all of the jpg and raw files, I also recovered a bunch of stuff that went way way back. I did not need that old stuff but I was surprised and found it interesting that this info was still somewhere in this CF card.

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