Wednesday 2.17.10

I sold one of these today…

A collection of ph…
By J.Vrstal

Feel free to order yours today… or tomorrow. No hurry, they’ll still be there next week.

“To be perfectly honest with you”… ever hear that one? I was reading this today in some post somewhere. It was how someone had started their response to whatever was posted. To be perfectly honest with you, I really don’t even remember what the post was all about. I was struck by the way this person chose to somehow validate their answer. I know people who will use some variation of this in their ongoing regular conversations, similar to those people who use “you know” a lot. It just irritates me. Were these people being LESS than honest with me in previous discussions?

There are a whole bucketful of these crappy phrases. “With all due respect” is another. This one is a real gem. A person will use this one just before gutting you. “With all due respect, you look terrible.” Oh, thanks… that was not very nice. “It’s ok, I said “With all due respect.” A better example:

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