Monday 2.22.10

Bokeh, Baby.

Things slow during the winter allows some time to experiment. Since live people are hard to find in the frozen tundra of this god-awful state (I import from Illinois), I resort to playing mad scientist.

Making a cool bokeh is neato. Most of the info about it that I have found online tells you exactly how to do it. It is pretty easy to do. It is also simply one of those photo tricks that you can do, say that you did it, show that you did it and have no reason to ever do it again. Who needs a crapload of images that show goofy glowing balls or heart shapes… or what ever shapes you can come up with? These would be something like this:

Or, if you create a lens cover with a small cut out in the shape of something – in this case a heart – it would look something like this:


So, there’s that. The end. But wait, I don’t want it to be the end. What I want is a subject in the foreground with my goofy lights in the background. This also can be done easily using holiday lights and natural light. In the following example I used a 40 watt light bulb as the subject…

And, this is the formula for that shot:


Next, I need to figure out how to do this with a strobe that does not cancel out the holiday lighting. I have not done it yet, but I am wondering if it could be done using shiny Mylar colored material. Maybe like large glitter or something I would find at a Hobby Lobby or a Michael’s. Perhaps this could be arranged in the background to reflect back the same strobe or an additional strobe while shooting a subject. I think it might work. If someone has done this already, let me know how it worked.

Maybe I should just start doing crossword puzzles.

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