Monday 3.15.10

It was not the horseradish on my ham sandwich at noon today that had my eyes watering. After 6 days of very small boys in the house everything was dead silent. Not hearing “Grandpa!” when I walked into the living room was almost as loud as hearing it. There were still signs of activity and imagination all about. I picked up a few things and put them back into the pile of toys. All of these items somehow echoed the last several days. Max and Jack came to visit while their parents vacationed in Puerto Vallarta. Max’s mom won a trip through massive sales at work. The opportunity to have the boys for a few days was welcome. Jack went to visit his Grandmother for the weekend on Friday morning, Max stayed though this morning. Yesterday was spent at my Grandmother’s 95th birthday party.

There was an art show at the Inferno in Madison on Friday evening. I very lamely participated by shipping a few items off with Joan Lee. Questions of why I was absent and if I was some sort of anti-social eccentric recluse were best answered with “I had other more important things to do.” Sure, I could have hob-nobbed with people… or I could have played Speed Racer with Max. For me, the choice was pretty clear.

Speaking of things being clear, I now have glasses. I guess I am officially old now. To those of you who wear glasses or have worn them for some time, this is probably not a big deal to you. For me, someone who is more often than not a very visual inspired person, this is pretty freaking amazing. I feel like I am in some secret club now. Seeing things at a distance all in focus at the same time is pretty cool. The first 50 years went without glasses. I know I’ll be spending a lot of time attempting to see a lot of things that I have been missing.

Other than that, an edit from last week…

And finally, there’s still a deal on shipping on this until March 22

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