Tuesday 3.23.10… later.

More small stuff with an explanation of sorts.

I suppose some of the people who read this blog or follow over from DeviantArt are wondering just what the hell is going on. Where are the pictures of naked bondage women? Yeah… I’m still available for that and still do shoot actual humans. I also wanted to mess with a few things and perhaps push myself to create something different. Most of these small things are experiments in seeing what I can do to create something to look at without a lot of fancy props, no wardrobe, no MUA. Other than a few of these where I have obviously added something extra, like smoke for the crashing paper airplane or dance steps for a bug, they are just about what came out of the camera.

Most are shot with either a single strobe and maybe a reflector, a single 40 watt light bulb, ambient light in the room during the day with a few fluorescent ceiling lamps on, and/or a flashlight. Some are a combination of all or some of those. Most are shot against a single sheet of regular paper. The pins are pushed into a piece of cardboard beneath the paper and the remaining portion of the paper is arched in the back to create a very small cyclorama. It was supported with a couple of pieces of tape against a small box.  They were a study in light and shadow plus figuring out a way to take “stuff” and make it more than just stuff. How can I take some random things and create some message or something interesting or unique in an image?

I guess the point is… you can shoot some interesting and fun, arsty fartsy things without having to go high tech. Perhaps my screwing around with this kind of stuff will inspire someone to do something really good. I can only hope.

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