Friday 3.26.10

More pin work. I think I need to knock this off. The more I play with it, the more fascinating it seems to become. By that I mean playing with light more than expressing anything other than the idea that you can create something out of not much of anything at all. One of my goals here was to learn a few things with my camera settings. An interesting sidebar to this is that the one strobe that I have been using is a piece of crap that is good for about 10 shots, maybe, and then it won’t fire until I shut it down for a while. Kind of like fishing, when it won’t fire I then compensate by adjusting my settings to achieve something similar or acceptable with either the modeling bulb from the strobe and/or whatever ambient light is going on in the room at that particular time. I will go back to shooting other things soon. When I do, I am sure I will try some different lighting arrangements.

I had to go find a human to work on… Tiffany:


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