Saturday 3.27.10

Scary forks.

Pretty weird. Weird to look at. The big idea was to create some very silly thing. I can imagine someone looking at this and trying to figure out the inner meaning, the symbolism of something deep and profound, the shear genius of simplicity and statement or just what in the hell is wrong with me.  Dude, it is none of that… it is a melted plastic fork on a sheet of white paper. So, without any more hype and fanfare I present…

Artistic nude fork: a study of white on white –

Melting forks somehow reminded me of that 9 headed snake/dragon creature. My wife reminded me that this was The Hydra which lived in the swamps near the ancient city of Lerna in Argolis. A little more research suggested that this dude is featured in the game “God of War.” I know absolutely nothing about the game so I threw this together…

Which led me to continue with the adventure idea…

Which led me to continue to use the word “despite”…

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