Monday 3.29.10

Nice guy, crappy business dude.

So, a man calls to ask about screen printed campaign signs. He is running for city council in another city. Do I do these and how soon could they be done? Or… can I get him at least one really large yard sign by the end of the week. The answers are yes, probably not by next week’s election and yes on the large sign. He is price shopping and tire kicking and just happened to find me in the phone book. No, not the Home Pages.

Having prior experience with both making these signs and local city elections, my next question to him was whether or not he had checked to see if there was some local sign maker in his city. No, he had not. Previous experience reminded me that sometimes voters are interested in knowing whether or not a candidate has purchased campaign materials locally rather than scabbing them for free from the UW. I suggested that he check locally first and then get back to me. Will this pay off somewhere down the road for me? No idea. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I’ve had other people over the years attempt to come in and spend money on stuff where I know that they should be spending that money on other stuff… like food or clothing for the kids, not a “Chevy” sticker to put on their Chevy.  I suppose they will eventually go out and get those much needed items.

Tiffany came in to shoot yesterday. She wanted to shoot with some of her gaming collection.

One response

  1. Angiath

    Awesome, even though games are more popular than ever, it’s still hard to find girls like this.

    Great shot.

    April 17, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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