Sunday 4.4.10

Easter. I’ll be making roast beef later today. Yes, with potatoes and carrots.

Faith drove out from Milwaukee this morning to do a little outdoor shooting. The weather here had been about 30 degrees above normal until yesterday. This morning was overcast and chilly. We (she) climbed a tree and waded out into the lake. It was windy and probably about 45 degrees at the time. Good thing I got lost again trying to find this place otherwise it might have been about 3 degrees colder. Note to me: Riley to Wheeler to Casey.

I need to bone up on shooting outside. On the way out of the park we were able to spot a Mullet hair do pulling into the park. Faith asked me if we get a lot of that around here. Unfortunately, yeah. As we were driving back into town we noticed that the clouds were breaking and it would be pretty nice the rest of the day.

The rest of the day was fairly excite-less until one of the boys delivered a flier that had been placed on our porch. We get a lot of stuff jammed in the door… mostly the regular stuff like people running for office, siding and roofing ads, The Watchtower…

Today was a first for me and frankly I am just a little creeped out and pissed about it. This one was from the Aryans. A page size flier adorned with all kinds of happy messages to suggest I should have “white pride.” Along with this was the lovely swastika-laden-over-confederate-flag art to really grab my attention. It came with a web site which I did check out… and then felt even sicker about knowing that some dumbass was actually standing on the steps and opened my door to put this shit (which they no doubt feel very strongly about) on my porch. Please, stay the fuck away. Don’t you have a mullet to tend to?

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