Monday 4.19.10

Smoke, the cropped version.

Yes, the cropped version. If I showed you the complete shot you would see that on the lower left, just out of view, is the Tea Party. Just out of view on the upper right would be my ass. Seems somewhat backwards that they would be on the left and I would be on the right… but it is my picture so I’ll describe it as I want. Why not? Those TPers are making up their stuff.

Listening to the onslaught of Tea Party news over the last few weeks, the ramping up to the big Tea Party fizzle on the 15th and the news since – I come to the conclusion that this group is screwing with me. Me the person. I am one of We the People, no? I can be just as stupid as anyone buying into this movement or just as smart as those that are conning the others to get involved. Get involved with your pledge of only $10.00 per month (limited to the first 10,000 – yeah, right . I am sure that when they hit number 10,000 they will announce the name of that person and declare an end to fund raising as they have met their goal).

Here’s what I gather, and I really have tried to read their crap –  they want smaller government and less taxes with an accountability of all of the government spending. Seems like a fair idea. In fact, it seems like the same damned idea that every other “we the persons” have had since we became “We the People.” This is new? I am much more interested in knowing specifically how they plan to go about doing this. It seems that when this question is asked the reasonable answer is to question the birth place of the current president. Wait, what? Oh, ok… you don’t want to be pinned down to answer a question, you just want to stir shit. Well, congratulations. You have wasted my time and scared the living shit out of some of “we others of the people.”

A fellow I have worked for over the years came into the shop for some work late this afternoon. As I was making him a couple of labels he asked how things have been (for me in the sign business). I told him that the winter, like always, was slow but things were picking up again. They usually do this time of year. Even so, things are still depressed around here due to GM closing and the housing boom not booming. A lot of my regular work is geared towards contractors and new business starts, which have slowed considerably. He also asked if I had taken any new pictures lately. He flipped through one of the albums and asked about the picture of Obama. I told him that I had taken it at a fundraiser event in 2007.

He then went on to tell me that even though he voted for Obama, he does not share that information freely with many of his co-workers. He figured that Obama would be a one term president. He also touched on the world of shit we seem to be in now that we have elected him. Touched on, no specifics. Hmm, perhaps he somehow missed the Health Care reform and the Nuclear arms reduction. He’ll probably miss the upcoming “no bailouts” bill. I think when election time comes and we have to put together a score card we will find that DESPITE all the bi-partisan help he received, he accomplished much more than has been done in recent years. Not bad for a mixed race, Kenyan, Marxist, Socialist, Community organizing illegal alien. Where can we find a couple more of these guys?


The new virtual sign in the kitchen:

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