Monday 5.31.10

Memorial day 2010. Later today is the annual “Rally in the Alley” which means the place will be swamped with cars, people, country western music, a half dozen mullets and a couple of tons of beer. I usually like to avoid coming in today. Tuesday morning I will be cleaning up a few things I suppose.

It has been a few days since the last post… what the hell, huh? Shot a few people last week. Have a few to work with this week. Other than that, catching up on some sign biz.  Recent conversations at home where I try to remember some story from my past seem to end with the phrase “I wonder if that guy is still alive?” I guess this is another indication of me getting old. In the not too distant future that will probably change to “He’s gotta be dead by now.” I suppose some of this comes from recent passings of people I know and/or used to be related to. Seems like the magic number at the moment is 85. If so, I’ve got 35 years to go. I guess I better get something done.

The rope that I was dying green today – was not soup. One of the boys had asked what I was cooking earlier today. No, he did not try it.

So, a few from last week…

Krystal & Kyalynn. Both had shot previously and wanted to try a shoot together:

New model, Elena:

And… More from Katie:

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