Friday 5.11.10

Man, its been a while since I posted anything. I guess I better get on the stick here. All week long I’ve had random thoughts about something I might want to comment on… and of course, those ideas seem to flitter away somehow. Since I have a few shoots coming up and a few months without snow, I thought I would take a look around the area to see if I could find some interesting outdoor locations that were within reasonable distance from the studio. It seems that the little county parks have a few hidden treasures that I did not know about. I’ve used the next door creek a few times, a local lake and now I found another location which has some nice rock formations.

In the middle of a solid sea of green, there was this one flower…

There was also a nice view of the countryside…

Perhaps I’ll get a chance to run someone out there and shoot soon.


Other stuff…

And beyond that little gem, I’ll mention the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory. I listen to WGN radio every day. This past year they became the home/announcers of the Chicago Blackhawks games. Prior to this, WGN did not mention the Blackhawks with the passion they have for the Cubs. Years ago they also carried the Bears and I’m sure they were much more aggressive in their Bears discussions at the time.

As they continued to discuss Hockey over these past few months, and as it became clear that a Chicago team finally looked like they were going to have a real chance at winning it all, I became more interested in this particular team and some of the discussions going on. Defenseman Duncan Keith lost 7 teeth after being hit in the mouth with a puck during a game with the San Jose Sharks. Ouch.

So… the Blackhawks make it to the playoffs. Game 6. I decided that I would actually watch the game. Guys with skates and sticks… back and forth, back and forth… goal here, goal there… overtime. The Blackhawks need a goal and it is all over. Otherwise, game 7 in Chicago.

Patrick Kane shoots the puck into the net for the final winning but almost anti-climactic goal. The signal for goal does not go off, the officials do not signal a goal. And then, after a few long seconds of “is this a goal?” it is determined that it is, in fact, a goal.

I felt bad for the WGN announcer. Here it has been 49 years since the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup. An announcer can go down in history with their winning call. This one was just messed up. I’m guessing he’d like a do-over.

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