Sunday 6.13.10 part 1

Part one… Because I have another shoot today. I may have something to add.

But back to Saturday… Beverly came up from Chicago once again. As always, she is great to photograph. Following up on a couple of things I’ve been involved in over the last few days and posts – we went out and shot a few images in a local county park. When climbing around on these rocks, realize that there will be critters about… mostly ants.

This was shot at ISO 400, 28mm, f/14, 1/200 and I also used a flash with a home made Fong-like modifier. I’ve been fooling around with higher ISO’s, I probably could have done this with ISO 100 but I wanted to try to bring out some of the rock detail and not blow out the sky. A few enhancements were made in Lightroom 3 but other than that, this is pretty much the shot.

We also did a little rope work. I attended a little group meeting on rope Friday evening. Out of that someone suggested a “non-knot” idea and to use a few twists. We discovered, when actually trying this out, that things seem to tighten faster than the other way I was doing it.

More to follow…

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