Thursday 6.17.10

Today was a nice day. Really.

It seems as if we’ve had 2 weeks of on and off rain, too muggy or too cold to enjoy the middle of June. I guess it beats the crap out of this:

Today looked more like this:

And this:

These wind generators are located in northwestern Illinois. I had to make a run down that way earlier on Wednesday and there was a discussion about alternative sources for power on the radio. Since I was close, I thought I would go check them out. Kind of cool and kind of creepy at the same time. During the radio segment a few callers mentioned that all of this wind and solar power sourcing was not going to offset the consumption or dependency we Americans have on oil. well… that sucks. They suggested that this would do more to offset the need for coal used to power our electric plants.

I’ve got to think that it must help somewhere. In my mind I would think that generating enough electricity this way would offset the cost of electricity or at least keep it within an affordable range. If people were able to heat and cook and fire a water heater with cheap electricity instead of an oil product… well, you’d think it would make some kind of difference.

This link explains some reasons that wind will not offset our oil consumption. LINK

Someday someone will figure out a way to power everything using some source that has been available to us all along. Or, create a source out of something we had never before considered. It will be easy, cheap, available to everyone and not damage our planet. Some asshole will figure a way to slap a meter on it and get rich from it.


I recently had a photoshoot with Elena. She did very well.

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