Hello, it is July.

Well, it has been some time since I updated the blog. Looking at the stats, people are actually still reading it once in a while. I figure I better get some new material in here and fill people in on the last couple of weeks. Since my last post the BP oil cap became uncapped and the oil continues to spew like atomic projectile diarrhea into the Gulf of Mexico. Good job. I keep thinking that some species in the water is going to retaliate against us genius human beings for this. We deserve it.

On to recapping my absence from the blog…

Once in a while I get to take pictures of people who are not gagged, drooling and tied up like a pretzel. Sometimes those people bring their kids. I had such a shoot a couple weekends ago as one of my bestest buddies ever decided to challenge me to shoot 3 of her boys and 1 extra cousin. No sweat. If you can relate well to a 5 year old, things are cool. Always remember that words like “fart” or “butt” are ALWAYS prime material. I really don’t even think I had to use either, that info is backup material. Actually, the boys we all excellent and absolutely normal.

3 of the 4:

This guy rules:

Beyond that, I had an opportunity to work with a few very cool models…

Sheilah came in for a Saturday shoot. It was the 26th and the weather was stinking hot that day plus humid. Attempts to shoot at the bluffs were ok but there was absolutely NO breeze which made things sort of uncomfortable. We started out with some regular things, did some rope, went on the bluff adventure and then the action really began. On our way back into town Sheilah noticed what looked like a mannequin standing in the corner of a greenhouse extension of a funny old building on the edge of town. As she mentioned it, I noticed that the building owner was there and also remembered that this was not a mannequin, it was a cheesy airbrushed pinup girl I had painted about 10 years ago. Somehow she had wound up in this place. I said we would stop and check it out.

This man comes in every so often and we talk a lot about politics and the general happenings of the town. Since he is a life long resident and I have only been an 11 year resident, I get a lot of village history from people like this. We stopped, I jumped out to say hello and that we thought we’d stop in since he was there… I had been meaning to check out his place for a while. His building is a former gas station that was owned by his father. This man now is probably close to 70.

He assumed that Sheilah was my daughter. He mentioned something like “Your Dad here something something” and when Sheilah said “He’s not my Dad” the man did not hear her or thought she was kidding or something. From that point on – and when I say ON I mean it went ON and ON- every time he opened his mouth it was with the phrase “Your Dad” did something, said something, painted something… to the point where I figured she was going to burst. She did not but there was a lot of laughter and I have to admit I completely encouraged it. Little did he know that only an hour or so earlier she was fairly nude and tied up in the studio. I’m sure she was thinking the exact same thing.

The audio for this image was something like “Hey, look at what your Dad did here, do you see what your Dad did? Your Dad painted high heels on this girl right here. Your Dad knows that high heels look good on a girl in a bathing suit.” That was pretty much how ALL of the conversation went while we were there. Inside, we discovered anatomically correct statues made from old engine parts…

More on this adventure and other recent work later…

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