Dominatrix mode.

Talia and Jai came in for a studio visit last night. Although I don’t usually show what appears to be someone getting a work over, here I go. Just so you know, Talia is such a good actress, I stopped everything at one point because it appeared to me that she was in trouble. When I asked if she was ok, her expression went from that of utter pain and suffering to one of smiles and laughter. She said something like “Wow, I did not think I was that convincing!”

And then some with Kayla:

Some of you won’t get this. When I was a kid we sometimes referred to someone (I grew up in a rural farm community) who had a wide rear end as having TB. To us this meant “tractor butt.” Tractor butt meant that the person, usually female, had a butt the size of one of those wide metal tractor seats that had a lot of holes in it.

“Little Angry” is the name of a Deutz 8006 pulling tractor owned by this models boyfriend. Best case of TB I’ve seen in some time.

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