Sunday 8.1.10

It was kind of a week of rope.

I had a lot of plans for things this week. Some happened and some happened differently than I had planned. If nothing else, I got the shop cleaned up a bit.

Over the last few weeks there’s been a subtle interest in putting together a regular or reoccurring gathering of  people interested in rope bondage here in the area. We had an initial meeting about a month or so ago with a small group of 4 or 5 people. To continue the effort, I offered the studio for another on the 16th. Two attended and between the three of us figured out a few things, took pictures to show that we succeeded in something and waited a bit to see if others would be interested. They were. We had another gathering on Friday night. 14 attended. The larger group showed me that it can continue and there needs to be some sort of game plan and/or a structure that leads us through and into a direction. Plans for that soon.

So, now I skip back to Wednesday. I received a message saying that Lew Rubens was going to be in the area and was offering a little rope info to those interested in meeting. We met in one of the Madison parks for an hour or so that evening. Very interesting and informative as well as a great opportunity to meet some new people. Well, I guess the people were not really “new”, perhaps slightly used but in pretty good shape.

Now, skip ahead to Thursday. I have had this idea kicking around in the back of my head for some time – lifting someone in a suspension from a piece of heavy equipment. I do some lettering work for an Excavating outfit just outside of town and casually suggested or asked about if this was possible a couple of weeks ago as I was lettering a demolition derby car. They thought they could handle such a feat. In the meantime, I was in correspondence with a model who was interested in doing this.

With the recent heavy rains, the excavator crew was working some long and odd hours trying to catch up on their own projects. My attempt to confirm their availability on Wednesday morning fizzled as they were already out on the job somewhere. I had contacted the model who was scheduled to come on Thursday and told her that I had not confirmed this yet. Wednesday night was the Lew thing in Madison. Thursday morning I got up really early and was in contact with the crew. A 6 or 6:30pm lift off time was now scheduled. I was pretty happy about this and then discovered that I had a message from the model saying that since I had not confirmed the lift and Lew was going to be in HER area that day, she thought she might take that time to meet Lew, something she had wanted to do for a long time.

Hmm, now it is kind of a dilemma. What do I do? I had this machine scheduled for 6 or so that evening. I had kept a close eye on the weather and it looked like it was going to be excellent around that time of day. I had no model. All of the plans around this were sort of geared towards using this model, she wanted to do it but now we had a goofy situation going on. What to do…

In the past few weeks since going to the first rope meeting (See how all of this now is coming together? You wondered where it was going.) I met and have had the great opportunity to shoot Emily. Emily is featured a few posts back with her gluten free delicious treats. I had mentioned to her that this excavator thing was something I wanted to do – she mentioned something like “I’d like to see that.”

Without a model for the lift, I thought I would take a chance on asking Emily if she might be interested before I called the crew to say “Sorry, I have no model and have to cancel.” Emily said yes, she was interested. Emily and Scott showed up at 5. We did our preliminary rope work here in the studio to make sure that she was well balanced and not in any discomfort. With most of her rope harness ready to go we piled into the truck and headed out to the machine. Once there and excavator ready to go, I put the final ropes and a few other streamers together. She was almost ready to go up. At this moment Emily was still wearing her shirt and panties. I had put the harness on over all of this in the studio. Now the question… would this be a clothed or nude shoot? Nude would be ok. So, I whipped out the safety scissors and proceeded to cut off her clothing. I am sure that the crew got a little kick out of this feature which was not really planned.

Now all nude except for the rope, I motioned to start the lift. Up she went and she looked just like I had planned, perhaps even better. I grabbed the camera and quickly ran around shooting images from as many angles as I could, trying to get the whole machine in the shot as well as shooting Emily against the setting sun. At one point I gave her a little spin to help me with a better variety of angles.  All turned out pretty good and after about 3 minutes or so of this, we lowered her back to earth.

Thanks, Emily. This turned out very well.


I also have the follow up to a set of images shot with Faith a few weeks ago…

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  1. Awesome, AWESOME black and white storyline photo. Really impressive.

    August 23, 2010 at 11:47 am

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