Sunday 8.15.10

I was saved.

I had a shoot with a new model scheduled for Friday night. After my recent shoulder debacle (the day before), I wondered if I could do it… I wondered if I could even lift the damn camera. I knew that any kind of suspension would be out of the question and I also wondered if I could even use what was left of my arm to tie a rope.

Fortunately for me, I had met Emily at a rope meeting in June. Since then, Emily has come to shoot a few times and has been present at subsequent rope gatherings. She is moving to Portland at the end of the month and while she is wrapping things up with her move she is also making time to get as much rope in as possible before leaving. Knowing that she was totally capable of performing a little rigging, I asked her if she would be interested in helping out and/or doing the rope work for the Friday night shoot. She said yes. Not only did she say yes, she brought her awesome hummus with red peppers. If you scroll back in the blog, you’ll see that she is the woman in the crane lift and then if you go back a little more you’ll see that she’s a whiz at gluten free food.

Laura showed up on Friday night ready to go. This would be the very first time ever for her in rope. Emily was already here. We did our introductions and I went over the standard “do you have any health concerns I need to be aware of” questions. We were now ready to go. The only question remaining was if the red panties should stay or go. Go was the choice.

All of the rope work here is done by Emily with a little bit of guidance from me… and not very much at all. It was about all I could do to get my left arm to support the camera.

Emily at work…

So, thanks Laura for being such a great person to shoot and thanks Emily for coming out at the last minute to help out a cripple. The shoot, the rope and the pictures turned out very nice.

Portland, you better be ready for Emily and you better treat her very well or I’m dragging my crippled up self out there to kick someone’s ass.

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