Tuesday 8.24.10

People use interesting search words and phrases.

One of the behind the scenes things here at the blog is my ability to see which search words are used which landed someone here. Sometimes there are things I expect like “bokeh” or other words related to photography. Often there are specific names of some of the models I have shot. Every so often I will add tag words if I feel it might land someone here who might not really be looking for this blog but perhaps I made some comment about something or someone and I selfishly want interested parties to take a look. These words might be “Blagojevich” or “BP Oil” or something in the current news.

What also happens, though, is that some of the words or combination of words I use in a blog post come up in a search. These people were not actually looking for me or for this blog but due to a combination of things, they get me. One such recent example is the post about our trip to Minocqua, WI. In that post I made a comment about how the Chamber of Commerce of the town that I live in could take an example from Minocqua when we have our “Sidewalk sale” during the City wide garage sales, which are always held the first weekend in August. As a result, typing Minocqua Chamber of Commerce evidently throws the blog in as an answer. Due to the fact that I recently posted about Emily and the fact that she is a whiz at gluten free food AND because I mentioned something somewhere about a seminar, people are getting here by typing “glutin free seminar in minoqua.” Yes, gluten and Minocqua are misspelled.

One of the funnier or more interesting phrases was “drugs that crunch when you eat them.” There have been a lot of other goofy things. I’m sure that some of these folks are kind of surprised when they are looking for info on some upcoming Minocqua chamber meeting and find a blog about naked tied up women and other unexpected information.

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