Saturday 8.28.10

Recent work.

August was filled with a lot of different things but the main focus was Emily. I probably mentioned it before but since I’m on a lot of pain meds for my stupid shoulder, I’ve been having some difficulty remembering if I’ve told a story over and over again the last couple of weeks. Could be I’m just turning into one of those old guys who do that. I suppose I could actually go back and read through the blog to find out but I’m just lazy enough to not do that. The reason we shot several times is that she is moving to Portland in a few days and we would not have the opportunity after the move. We continued to shoot a variety of things with a variety of people over the last few weeks. Rope was the priority so rope is what we did. A lot of things came out of the recent rope meetings over the last couple of months and I’m sure that we’ll both put a lot of what we learned to some use in the future.

And finally for today, here is a scary picture of the shoulder boner. Since this thing is going to be with me forever, I thought I might as well give it a face.

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