Saturday 9.4.10

Random Saturday information. Looking into the reverse cookie.

Nope, you can’t eat it. Maybe someone should create an edible version for losing weight, the more you eat the less you weigh. This is something I’ve been fooling with for a while and it can create some interesting effects on a simple background. Depending on the colors used, it can become quite dramatic and it opens up a lot of variety when you don’t want to set up a bunch of different backdrops.

The idea is to blast a light into a pile of broken mirror shards which I have glued to a board. These are not really mirror shards, they are acrylic. I use some of this material in sign making, so I had it available. I suppose if you want to use real mirror you could, but I suggest you be careful when breaking and handling.

Originally, I had just used the shard laden board and attached it to an old tripod. This works, but I was getting a lot of extra light where I did not want it to go. I’ve flagged it and done some other things to contain and direct it better but I thought maybe it would work if I build a box around it. This would save me some dinking around with having to place a lot of extra stands and flags in my already too small shooting area.

The “gel” is nothing more than printable overhead transparency film. I print it on a regular printer. You can use solid color or blend colors for different effects. One of the gels is 4 different colored circles which overlap in the center… red, yellow, green, blue. Depending on how you place the gel on the reflector hood, you’ll get a different result.

This is the result of this method and this setup using a blue gel on a thunder gray paper backdrop, Our model is Laura:

Last but not least, I was able to shoot Max on his birthday this morning. Once again, the reverse cookie was used.

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