Sunday 9.5.10


My daughter, Shayna, has recently become interested in doing a little photography. A while ago she asked to come in to the studio to help, assist, watch, participate in a shoot. Since a lot of work over the summer was a little more fetishy than modelish or senior picture-ish, the opportunity did not come up. That was until today.

KJ and Mike came in to shoot a little lingerie/couple photos for their portfolios as well as for a new lingerie boutique in Madison. This seemed like a great chance to get Shayna into the studio to shoot complete strangers in a studio setting with strobes and weirdo backdrops and the whole deal. I think having a super hunky dude like Mike in here did not hurt either. Damn, I even thought he was kind of hot. (hey, just kind of.) Mike is the man I see when I look in the mirror. Maybe this is caused by all of these pain meds I’ve been on lately.

Here’s a shot of KJ with some old guy taken by Shayna…

These were shots from me…

Mike appears to enjoy modeling.

After the KJ/Mike/Shayna shoot everyone cleared out and Lilly came in to do a little self bondage/self suspension. This worked out very nicely for my crunched shoulder… I did not have to lift anything other than the camera.

6102 Mineral Point Road
Madison WI 53705

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