Monday 9.7.10

I smoke.

My wife knows I smoke even though I never smoke at home and she has never seen me smoke. I very lamely attempted to quit a few years ago but continued on. Eventually, I will probably actually try to really quit… this trip to Greece may be when I give it a try.

We were at some gathering at some big old creepy lodge. The place reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The restaurant area anyway… kind of cool but also kind of run down and tired looking. The place was big and the landscape outside was very hilly. Since it was winter, walking around outdoors was difficult in the sloppy wet snow.

While there, I ran into some guy named Mark who I had not seen in about 30 or so years. Back when we were stupid teen kids we did a lot of drinking and stupid teen kid stuff. He suggested we take a trip out to the parking lot which was code for going out to grab a smoke. I agreed and knew my wife would understand that I was going out to have a smoke. I combed the  place for my coat and then we headed outside, leaving everyone else inside. Somehow another guy decided to get in on this “get away from people and go have a smoke” idea as well. Walking outside was tough as nothing was shoveled very well. The new guy and myself were ahead of Mark. I turned around to see if was keeping up and noticed him signaling me to hold on for a second. He did not look so good.

He was standing next to a galvanized metal garbage can on a curb. He grabbed the rim of the can and began to throw up into it. I figured he had just had too much to drink but it became obvious that something more was wrong. I went to find some help.

Just down the way, there was a large group of people doing something next to a creek. I figured someone there would have a cell phone or know where I could get help for Mark. When I got closer I realized that this was some kind of dedication ceremony and they were about to lower something into the creek. There were also a bunch of environmental people protesting the ceremony and the idea of putting whatever it was into the water. I butted my way into the crowd, climbed onto the bridge and somehow got right between the creek and the people performing the ceremony. I told the woman that my friend needed help and that she would have to stop the ceremony. The protesters only heard me asking or demanding her to stop and began to cheer me on. They had only stood outside the ceremony protesting and now it appeared as if I was taking it a step farther than they had dared.

The ceremony stopped and the woman in charge (who was also somehow in charge of this Taliesin like place) took my friend to the clinic. I went as well. I was in the waiting room when I noticed that this woman’s baby was sitting on a counter and pretty much unattended  as she was in the examination room with Mark and the doctor. Not wanting this kid to fall, I picked him up and put him on my lap. He was kind of chubby and was wearing glasses. Always interesting to see a baby wearing glasses. While we were there, an older man came in and sat at the end of  an adjacent couch in the waiting room. I recognized the man and told the baby that although he would never remember this day, that man over there was a very famous comedian. In his lifetime he had made millions of people laugh. The man heard me telling this stuff to the baby and got up. He came over and said something to the baby and then he shook my hand and said thank you. He actually looked very sincere. Then, he looked at another man in the waiting room, this was the guy who had originally gone out for a smoke with us in the beginning. Turns out he was the husband of the woman who was in charge of the Taliesin like place and the previous ceremony that I had stopped. The comedian told the guy that he was in town doing something on the local radio station. He asked the guy if he knew the names of the people that were on the morning show. He knew a few and the comedian helped him through the others. When he had recited all of the names, the comedian told him that he had just won a trip to Las Vegas, all expenses paid.

By this time, I could not believe the day I was having. I went out for a smoke, saved an old friend’s life, saved the environment, saved the baby from falling off the counter, gave an old man some appreciation for his craft and most likely had something to do with the generosity of  Bob Hope giving this guy a free trip to Vegas.

Yeah, Bob hope. Yeah, I know he’s dead. Yeah, I was dreaming the whole thing and I don’t ever remember dreams. This was pretty vivid and I was totally stoked that I had had such an adventure. I had to tell my wife. It was around 2:44 am.

So, I related the whole thing. She seemed awake and somewhat responsive but since I talk in my sleep anyway, she may have just zoned me out and figured I was just making my usual nonsense noises. When I had finished the story, I asked her if she had heard me. She did. She also seemed disturbed and then told me that she was also dreaming. Her dream was “People were chasing her and trying to kill her after some game of chance had gone horribly wrong.” And on top of that, James Coburn (also very dead) was one of the characters in her dream. I tried to get her to tell me more about it but it was obvious that she was not too excited to share.

So…… maybe it was the Oxycodone or perhaps the orange juice and meat I consumed just before going to sleep. Maybe all of the above. I have no idea why in my dreams things are just funny as hell or it is this strange weird adventure and she’s dreaming of getting killed.

All of the elements of this dream I had were remnants of things, people and places in my head. They just seemed to somehow come together in such a way that THIS was the story that was told. Just weird.


A couple more from a recent shoot with Laura…

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