Thursday 9.9.10

This dude in Florida…

Terry Jones. Pastor Terry Jones. How can a complete nobody suddenly become the new Balloon Boy who draws not only the attention of this country but the attention of the entire rest of the planet? Media throwing gas on the fire probably helps quite a bit.

I was following this story along today before the announcement that the church had decided to cancel the Koran or Qur’an, depending on which way you spell it. Up to that point I was completely disappointed in all of the people who were “suggesting” that this was not a good idea. The President, Hillary Clinton, the Pentagon, Robert Gates and anyone else who had an opportunity to just tell this dip shit NOT to do this thing on Saturday did not tell him NOT to do it. They suggested that it was not a great idea. They wished he would reconsider. What the f*ck is wrong with you people?

This crackpot in Florida has all the rights and protections of the constitution on his side. He could have possibly been violating some burning code by doing this but other than that, no one had any real teeth to prevent it.

Let me be clear then… Yes, you have the constitution on your side. You have the right to free speech and the right to have freedom of and from religion. When you use those rights to insight violence and possible death of innocent people, you are doing something wrong and should stop what you are doing.

How hard is that?

Here’s a guy who pronounces Muslim as Mozzlum and Imam as Iman. I’d think if you were intelligent enough to know the task you are about to perform and the sensible reasoning for doing it, you’d at least make yourself sound like you have some knowledge of who these people are and how to pronounce these words.

Then, all of a sudden they call it off when imam Muhammad Musri comes in with some deal to move the Park 51 Mosque to another location in exchange for not burning the book. I watched Jones make the announcement and mention that they had made a deal, then imam Muhammad Musri came to the microphone and did not deny anything Jones had just said – until later when the people in New York claimed no deal had ever been arranged. Then, I hear imam Muhammad Musri on other news programs saying that there had not been a deal. He was concerned about reactions in Muslim countries on Friday morning and I guess took it upon himself to go see Jones and what… lead him to believe there would be such a deal? Perhaps he’s as nuts as Jones.

The laws that protect us can also hurt us. Dick-wads like these guys bend these rules so far out of shape we can hardly recognize them. Sometimes I can’t believe how crazy things can be. Well, he got his 15 minutes of fame and I’m sure we’ll continue to hear more crap from this nut job. I just hope no one gets killed because god talked to this guy. I’m not a big “god” guy at all but I can’t imagine any god that would promote any of this foolishness. Maybe he or she is a joking god and is just pranking the shit out of us.

In other more fun visual info, more from KJ and Mike from the other day…

Sure beats the hell out of going to a book burning.

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