Saturday 10.2.10

Back from Greece.

Yesterday we ended our trip to Greece with the long flight home. Bags had to be outside the room at 4:15 am (Wisconsin time is 8:15pm the previous day). We flew from Athens to Heathrow where we had a 5 hour lay over, then Heathrow to Chicago – an 8 hour flight. Another 3 hour lay over and then to Madison. Being mostly awake for more than 24 hours in a row combined with the stress of where the fuck am I as well as the noise and the constant motion is enough to make you feel mighty drunk. Since my time frame has been 8 hours in the future for the last 2 weeks, things seem pretty weird right now. I guess this is Jet Lag.

I woke up this morning wondering if I needed to get the bags outside the hotel door by a certain time. I wondered if breakfast would be included and if I would just randomly run into someone I had met on the trip. I then remembered I was home.

Taking this trip was great. There were some very interesting sights to see, much history to witness. It makes me want to google the shit out of everything and dig out my old art history books to bone up on what I just saw over the last 2 weeks.

I can remember having to sit through my grandparents slide shows from vacations they had taken when I was a kid… so I’ll try to go through these images and condense things down into a somewhat non-bore-the-shit-out-of-you presentation. Perhaps I’ll break it into installments.

I will say this about the trip though… When we finally arrived in Greece and had our “welcome to the group” dinner, I realized that most of the people in this group were senior citizens – or at least more senior than me. It was almost like some vacation comedy movie the day we left Athens. Someone needed some kind of pain reliever. The bus was like a drug store – everyone had something to offer. I quickly realized I was also still taking pain meds for the shoulder thing so I felt more at home. Dude, I have an AARP card, so why not?

But, let me tell you this about these “old farts” on the trip. This trip was not all about sitting on the beach and playing bingo. We did not have dinner at 4:30 and then head for bed and hope for the perfect bowel movement – oh no. The first week was all about seeing the ruins in Greece. In case you are not aware of where these are located, let me tell you that most are on top of some damn mountain somewhere. All have steps. Many, many steps. The steps are usually uneven slippery marble and in case I did not mention it – there are many steps. Along with that, the temperature was usually somewhere in the 80’s and sometimes quite humid.

Imagine my surprise as I huffed and puffed myself to the top of these places only to find out that these “old duffers” had beaten me up there. As the 2 weeks went on I found that I was way more impressed with these people than I could have ever imagined.

Here are a couple images for now and I’ll start putting the segments together in a manner that makes some sense.

View of Athens from the East end of the Parthenon…

Better than Dramamine on these long trips up and down the winding mountains of Greece.

More to come.

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