Sunday 10.10.10


Must be something about the date, I suppose. Today was an unbelievable October day in Wisconsin. Sunny and probably low 80’s. Mosquitoes and wasps pretty much done but the box elder bugs and Asian beetles are out in force. I decided to go out and shoot this morning and maybe get some fall colors. The trees are just about right at the moment. I imagine a bit of a cold front with some wind and rain will pretty much wipe out what is left so this must have been just about a perfect fall day.

Later, we made our annual pumpkin run with some of the grand-kids. One of the goals today was to get some kind of family picture after the pumpkin farm. Usually, we just take the kids but this time the parents decided to come as well, seriously cutting into our Grandma and Grandpa time. Yeah… you know who you are. Dressed for pictures and having no real idea that we were going to be at a FARM with actual DIRT and ANIMALS was probably not the best way to go… especially when the temp was about 84 this afternoon. Faces were beet red, clothing got dirty and boys became cranky and tired as the adventure continued. We did manage to get a few shots before deciding against trying to manage a studio shot.

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