Wednesday 10.13.10

Delphi, Greece.

This is a look down and over the theater. Beyond the theater is the Temple of Apollo where the Oracle or Pythia sat on a tripod,  chewed laurel leaves, inhaled the vapors from a fissure in the floor of the temple and produced valuable foretelling information to a variety of individuals.

While we were there a site guide gave us the rundown on how things happened – some of it mythology and some more likely history. The story was that Apollo killed the giant Python who lived here – a python who had destroyed crops, sacked villages and polluted streams and springs. Since the Python was was the son of Gaia, he was sentenced or punished to live as a human for the next 7 (some research has turned up 8 or 9) years as a cow herder. Once his time was done, he returned to Pythia (Delphi – sounds like del-fee) in the form of a Dolphin. (What a Dolphin could do up on that rock – out of water – well, I have not figured that one out) Anyway, he cleaned the place up as this Python had been rotting here for all that time and then dedicated a bronze tripod to the sanctuary and bestowed divine powers on one of the priestesses, and she became known as the “Pythia.”

The other story that came out of this place is this – At the front of the theater you see a group of people. One guy is sitting. The sitting guy is a man named Bob. Bob was in our group. After visiting Delphi (which must have been around the first Wednesday or so) we stayed in a mountain town (down the road in the distance and to the left) called Arachova. There is one road in and one road out and that road is very very narrow.

On the way there, we discovered that our hotel was kind of on the outskirts of town so they dropped us off in town for a bit before sticking us in the hotel for the night. This was one of those places where we would either get a spectacular view or this:

Once we all received our room assignments and hauled things up to the 2nd floor, we discovered that our room had the above view. Our door was open and I noticed a lady from our group opening up her door across the hall. When she did, I saw that she had a spectacular view on the other side of the building. I walked over and said “wow” and asked if she minded if I went out on her balcony to take a look. She said “sure!” So, in I walked. As I was going through the room, there was some guy over on my left just about to drop his pants. It was Bob. The lady was Bob’s wife, Arlene. All I could think to say at the moment was “nice pants” and continued to walk out onto their balcony as the confused “what the fuck” look on Bob’s face registered in my head. This was Bob and Arlene’s view. You see the switchbacks on the side of the mountain that can also be seen in the first image:

After that awkward moment I took it upon myself to slightly harass Bob for the remainder of the trip. When we were in Santorini at the bar – and charging everything to our room – I asked Bob which room he got. He told me the number and I suggested that everyone just charge everything to that number while we were there.

Bob and Arlene were really a couple of very nice people. They remained nice even after having to put up with my shit.

For more on Delphi, go here.

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