Sunday 10.17.10

An ugly tree.

Over the last couple of weeks since returning from the trip I’ve continued to take more landscape images than model images. As with any image I take I try to not just take a picture and hope I’m lucky that it turns out. Once in a while that is exactly what happens but I’d like to think that by now I have the presence of mind to compose an image and set my camera somewhat accordingly. Nothing is ever just automatic.

There are a lot of differences between taking pictures in the studio in a controlled environment and accomplishing similar quality pictures outside of my control. One thing that has recently crossed my mind, though, is that taking pictures of just “stuff” requires a lot less care about what it looks like compared to what a model might look like. If I take a picture of a tree it pretty much is what it is  – a tree. I can take a shitty picture of that tree. I can mess with color and clarity in post production. Once I’m done, it is a tree. If the other trees looked at the image would they be critical? Would they suggest it was too barky or leafy? Would it be too short, fat, skinny, tall or something else? Would the deciduous trees be in shock that I would even consider shooting a coniferous tree? Perhaps some trees would notice too many nests or too much bird poop on a branch. Some may be missing limbs or dying from some disease. Does it make a difference?

Probably not. It is just a fucking tree.

All of it makes me think that I spend way too much time concerned with the result of an image. I’ll probably still remain concerned and critical but maybe I should just look for what it is and not worry so much about what it could be.

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