Friday 10.29.10

Good morning internet. Thanks for being a complete D-bag.

So, I do my little things. I make a few signs. I weed labels for some car sales place for days and days. I fail at physical therapy (so far). And, I take some pictures of people that are out of the norm from time to time. I know this.

I also know that doing this is probably just a selfish hobby. It is something I am very interested in but will never become stinking rich or famous – and this is also ok. If every once in a while I take a picture that is kind of neat, kind of different, a product of some collaboration between myself and another individual that makes us as well as other people take a second to notice and/or comment… wonderful. Job done, move on.

I came into the shop this morning with my official Greek breakfast in hand (coffee and a smoke). I opened up the blinds and unlocked the front door and checked for mail in the box. No mail yet but I am sure my creepy mail man will show up at any moment to announce everything he is delivering. I then went to the computer to check messages. After reading though regular email, I went to check comments on images on DeviantArt, a place where I post a lot of images. Scrolling down through the messages I came across this from someone named AdemGraf: id pay alot to buttfuck her. When I see the comment I don’t always know which image they are talking about. So, when I clicked the link to see it I was surprised to see he had commented on this image of Tara:

It amazes me that with all of the images I post, with images that are much more naked and show much more ass – this guy chose to make THAT comment on THIS image. My simple response was: “I suppose there are a variety of things a person fantasizes about when looking at some of my images. Most people have enough class to keep it to themselves.”

Which is exactly the case. Images on DA have been viewed  close to 118,000 times in the last couple of years. In all the views and all the comments and with all the ass, no dipshit has had the low form to come out and make such a comment.

Beyond that, does this dude look like he would ever have enough money for his fantasy project?

I mean seriously… the man has a f-ing cat as his avatar. Adem, I await the severe legal consequences. Thanks.

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