Tuesday 11.2.10

Say goodbye to the next couple of years.

Saturday I watched the Daily Show’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. It was sort of an answer to much of what we’ve been watching on news programs, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and/or any other political spin of any kind be it on TV, Radio or the internet. The show was long, packed with talent and they damn near beat you to death with the Good v. Evil/ right v. left/ fact v. truth message. It took a long time before it was all summed up by Stewart in the end saying that these were hard times, not end times.

I just read an article on a poll predicting “hurricane winds” for the Democrats this Tuesday. During the election the Republicans just seemed to screw one thing up after another. We were tired of the war and where things had wound up with Bush after 8 years. I figured way back then that if the GOP ever wanted to get their control back, they’d really have to up their game somehow. Man, was I right.

So what has happened in these last couple of years? Well, for one you have not heard a damn thing from George Bush. This guy left a really bad taste so the GOP does not want to remind you of that. Cheney, on the other hand has (I figure) gone rogue to try to bend history in his own favorable direction. The House and Senate Republicans have shut down. They are the party of NO and seem to be pretty fucking proud of it. There has been the invention of the “Tea Party” and they will take us back to something – somewhere. There has been scare tactic after scare tactic. Every residual problem left over from the previous administration now belongs to the current administration. We don’t have a birth certificate. He might be a Muslim. All Muslims are out to get us. They are going to leave sleeper cell babies, probably in the vicinity of the anchor babies. They are going to redistribute your wealth. It just goes on and on.

Some of the Repubs are calling themselves new and the “young guns” of the Republican Party. Bullshit. These are the people who have called for cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

The more forward we go, or think we are going, the more you hear about how we need to go BACK. Back to what? Every election you hear about how Washington is messed up, has lost its way, is corrupt. We’ve lost honor, sanity… have we? I think generally we all want the same things but generally we all are not in the top 1 to 10 percent of earners in this country. Those people and/or corporations are balancing things in their own direction while carefully and cleverly making the rest of us think it is in OUR best interest to do this when in fact they really don’t give a shit about us as long as we don’t get in their way.

Start again.

Yeah, I was going to rant and rave more about it but then I figured you might just be able to get off your butt and vote today. You can do that all by yourself without me telling you what to do or calling you 65 times a day or jamming stuff in your door and mailbox or actually bothering you during supper. Just go do it.

Instead, I present a few images from tonight’s shoot. I think I’ll do more with this kind of sexy lingerie. Seems to fit a Wisconsin climate.


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