Friday 11.5.10

Somewhere there is a picture.

Going through my regular e-mail stuff this morning meant I had to log into Facebook. Usually, I never do unless I can’t read the entire body of a message sent to my e-mail. Posting something new here on the blog also automatically makes it show up on Face book – as if I was there – but I was not. Kind of like message or post forwarding of sorts.

When I did actually go to Facebook I saw a link from one of my many (about 26) Facebook friends. I noticed it first because there was a brightly colored image of some kid in a Halloween costume. Click this for a link to the story.

When I saw this I kind of thought “oh” and moved on. I had to make a trip to Illinois and back which would mean I’d be listening to a couple of hours of talk radio. During the show this topic of the kid in the Halloween costume came up again. The host read through the story, made some comments about it with some of the other people in the studio and then opened up the phone lines to callers to comment and/or make a point about the story.

Breaking it down to the most simple answer to what happened: Some 5 year old boy who likes Scooby Doo decided to dress as Daphne for Halloween. He asked his mother and his mother said yes. When he went to his church preschool with his mother – other mothers gave his mother shit about allowing her son to do this… perhaps this would turn him GAY.

You need to go back one post to read my new faux book: “What the Fuck?”

Let’s go back in time to 1966. In 1966 I was 7. My mother, a very creative woman who could do things like actually sew and make a Halloween costume and who was also at the time probably a little bit of a combination of show-off and humorist made a costume for me. I went to school dressed as a little old lady. My hair was yellow yarn that my mom had fashioned into some sort of wig and I wore a bright red dress stuffed in such a way so that I had magnificent large breasts and a great big fat ass. This was before “bootilicious” was ever even a consideration. I don’t remember if this was my idea or hers. I don’t recall anyone giving me or her ANY static about it at all. It was Halloween. This is the kind of stuff you did on Halloween. Somewhere there is a picture of me dressed like this and standing on our front porch before school that day in 1966. I suppose my brother may have this in his photo archives.

The day after Halloween in 1966, I don’t recall any thoughts of continuing to dress in women’s  clothing. I don’t recall my major plan to “turn GAY” or anything like that. If any thoughts, they were probably more like “gee, that was fun” or “gee, that was funny” or “I can’t wait until next year to come up with some other cool costume.”

A couple of years ago I was shopping in a nearby Walmart. I ran into a woman from town who was shopping with two of her kids. One kid, a girl who was probably 4 or 5 was completely dressed in a kind of combination faerie/witch costume. It was just some random day of the week and nowhere near Halloween but here she was – all decked out. Her mom thought this was ok. So did I. I thought mom made a great choice in allowing this kid to be a kid and be creative. This was not a case where the mom lets the kid do any damn thing she wants. This was allowing the kid to be a kid. I’m pretty sure that if the kid were to do something else, like trying to fire bomb Walmart that day – mom would have stepped in and NOT allowed the kid to do any damn thing she wanted to do.

Back to the point. It was Halloween you jackasses. This ONE mom lets this ONE kid actually be a kid on Halloween and the entire mass of EVERYTHING gay gets ripped all to hell. Well, I suppose you also have to throw the whole “BAD PARENTING” thing into that as well. A bad parent who is forcing her kid not only to become gay but influence all of the other potential gay five year olds in the church preschool. Really?

If I ever find the picture, I’ll post it.

One response

  1. HMuffins

    It is a difficult hump to get over for gays in America’s rather conservative society. Although for a fucking five year old to have to experience the horrified judgment of his friends’ mothers is ridiculous. It’s a double standard in which girls may dress as male characters and vice versa.

    And I’m sure the mothers of those parents would be happy to know that their children would be participating in orgies on Halloween in fifteen years rather than being gay.

    November 6, 2010 at 10:31 am

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