Tuesday 11.9.10

While it is warm…

I received a message from Kayla yesterday saying she had just been colored and cut after participating in an exhibition/runway event over the weekend. She thought it might be very short notice but wondered if I was available to shoot. Since the weather has been fairly mild this week, I thought it would be great to take advantage of not having to completely heat the studio. Here are a few results:

Today I received another email from someone else. The message was poorly written with some words that made no sense. Perhaps it was done on a cell phone keypad and was just set to goofy. Anyway, the message started out saying hello and asking how I was (like I was going to answer). The next line was something about liking my work. The third line was wondering if I had a Facebook account – and if so give her my email address so she could “friend” me.

Ok… I don’t really mind Facebook but I’m not on it a lot. I know when I send this page to “publish” it will show up on Facebook because I have it set to do so. This does not mean I am ever really there. My feeling about Facebook is that it is way too easy for a person to feel like part of a community or family or friendly to those who you feel compelled to share information with. In this blog I usually say what is on my mind but other than that I try to make a distinction between what I do say and what I could say.

So, I responded to this person. (By the way, this person is a model who had attempted to contact me on other occasions for paid work. Something I am not interested in doing. I’m sure she is a nice person and all that but just not anyone I need to shoot, ever.) I did some quick research on my Facebook account and responded with “I have exactly 31 Facebook friends. I personally know each and every one of those people. What possible benefit would there be to me adding you as a friend?”

There was no response to this at all.

I guess some people just “friend” everyone. I just don’t feel the need to be that friendly, I guess. Perhaps other people looking at her friends would see me in there and somehow associate “photographer me” with “model her.” Sorry, lady.


One response

  1. Scott Ellington

    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that all of these nifty-new “social networking instrumentalities” kinda resemble a union suit with no buttons on the backchannel. There’s just something inherently comical (and profoundly obnoxiou) about absolute strangers connecting the dots on my ass as though we were intimates.
    I blew in from DeviantART. No offense intended. I simply admire your art.

    November 26, 2010 at 1:43 pm

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