Wednesday 11.10.10

Cheapo High Key Setup…

So, you want to shoot High Key and you don’t have a lot of room or a lot of money or time to invest. Here’s a quick and easy way to do it with a couple of lights. Two lights and a reflector to be exact.

Go to your dollar store and by a super cheap white plastic table cover. Clamp it to some sort of framework. In this case, I had some extra PVC tubing laying around. It will be all wrinkled but you need not worry about that. Clamp it in such a way that it is pulled kind of snugly on all corners.

Behind that table cloth you have a strobe with an umbrella on a light stand. Face the umbrella towards the back of the plastic.

You don’t need to light the whole thing up, just the area where your subject will be seen in the frame. In the front you have a Key light to the camera right and a reflector to camera left. You can hand hold this or use a tripod. For the picture of me, I used a remote shutter release. The picture of my Daughter was hand held.

Here I should have tipped her head or shot from a different angle to eliminate the reflection in her glasses.Me in all my wrinkled glory…

ISO 100, 125, F8. That’s about it. Good luck.

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