Saturday 11.13.10

I woke up this morning later than normal. Sleeping, or trying to sleep on the forever mangled shoulder has been challenging so maybe today was the day my body just caved and stayed sleeping. My last physical therapy session was on Thursday. After prescribing me with a battery of exercises I am now wished good luck with it and told to come back if the doctor thinks it would be an advantage. Other than that, just try to build up the muscles holding my arm onto my body because there just is not much more that can be done. So, once again we will see how it goes.

Perhaps my long sleep left me in some kind of a stupor as my random thoughts about random things started to kick in. I went to the computer to check news and messages and thought about how much faster things were working now that we had just switched part of our internet service to another provider. The reason we did this is kind of a long drawn out boring story with much whining on my part. We did have cable internet. One of the boys decided it would be to his advantage to move all of the connections in the house to another location and arrange some kind of different setup. This would somehow help him out or provide better access – or something. Being somewhat non educated on all of this computer stuff, I just don’t know. What I do know is that since the move, my internet access at home has been shit. This has gone on for months and yes… I complained. Not only did I complain, I suggested on a few occasions that I would somehow figure a way to move it back to the way it was. This was not favorable to anyone.

When the boys were younger and would get into emotional distress over some trivial thing, Mom would suggest that they “take a deep breath.” I always thought this was a silly response to whatever the problem was. Perhaps it was just a starting point to give Mom some time to formulate a plan in her own mind on how to go about putting out this fire. Perhaps it was her natural instinct on how to begin to deal with the situation. Still, I thought it was silly. I’m more of a just fix it and be done with it kind of person. Sometimes the “fix” is just not that easy.

Then it occurred to me (today as I was thinking about this) that this was some kind of manipulation. Two of our kids were diagnosed with ADD. More of our kids probably should have been and/or would have been as it seems ADD is the easy answer to any kid problem anymore. I wondered if “take a deep breath” may have contributed in any way to making being easily distracted a normal thing. Does it contribute? I’ll take the Glenn Beck route here and suggest something and then tell you that I don’t know.

Perhaps it is a mind game of sorts. We do notice that one way to get our grand-kids to remain happy is not to cave in to what they want at any given moment. Instead, we can divert their attention away from whatever is causing their distress at the moment. Someone cries about the other kid not playing fair or taking turns with a certain toy… ok, would you like a banana? What if I give you a banana with googley eyes? That may just do it for 34 seconds and give you enough time to forget how important your distress was 34 seconds ago.

Which brings me back to the internet provider. I have not been able to complain about the internet for about two days now. Damn, I miss complaining about stuff. Mom has provided me with a googley eyed banana. Oh, my ADD.

In other things, Some recent images. Laura came in the other night for some head shots. Laura is among other things, an opera singer.

Elena also visited the studio this week…

And, of course, due to my own ADD (undiagnosed, but maybe possible or maybe just because I’m getting old) I forgot one other thing I witnessed the other day. It was during my physical therapy appointment and one of the reasons I figure that even with the shoulder, things are not so bad…

I was sitting in the waiting room for my 11:00 am appointment. There were other people about, some clients and some PT staff people. The reception window was just in front of where I was sitting. A few random people were finishing up their appointments and would walk to the reception window to schedule another or tell the reception woman that they’d call it in. One guy walked to the window. He was probably in his late 40’s or early 50’s. He was regular build, slim and had what seemed to be a great deal of energy about him – kind of like he had a lot of other things to take care of that day. He began talking with the reception woman and told her that his daughter would call in to schedule a next appointment. I do not know why he was in PT. The reason his daughter (at least from what I gathered) was going to call it in was that he also was about to begin chemo-therapy sometime soon as his daughter was helping him out. Evidently this guy has cancer of some kind. He wanted to allow himself to be sick after the treatment, so he had to figure out how all of this was going to work. He did not seem upset or really concerned, he seemed rather positive about how to handle the whole thing.

As he was leaving, the reception woman called his name. The man slightly turned around as the woman sincerely wished this man good luck. That moment was like fucking gold. I truly believed the sincerity in her voice as she wished him good luck. With it there was genuine concern and worry, yet, this positive man simply said thanks and walked out the door. I wanted to give that woman a big hug. I also wish the man good luck.

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