Thursday 12.2.10

Geez. I’m freaking old.

I was just scanning some photography forums and came across some guy wondering if this was a slow time. Seems his studio is not filled to the brim with luscious college women or something like that. I went to see what kind of work he was doing and found it to be quite good (taking another look I realize the stuff is kind of lame – the self portrait is probably his best work). Along with the rest of his portfolio he includes a self portrait. The guy looks like he could be my dad. Nice old guy with a graying beard, probably a few pounds over the appropriate medical safety limit but not a bad looking guy, for an old guy.

Then, I looked at how old this guy is. 52. I’m 51. Holy shit, batman. (For you punk kids out there, this is something that Burt Ward Robin used to kind of say to Adam West Batman. I’m sure you can google it. I say kind of because unlike cable of today, you could not say “shit” on network television in the 60’s) But holy shit, I realized that I probably look worse than this dude even though in my mind I look nothing like one of those old farts. Yeah, I’m kidding myself big time. I’m wrinkled, scarred, too thin and probably am on my way to shrinking into oblivion. My years of looking like anything other than an old leather strap are gone.

When in the hell did this happen? I need to go find some face spackle.

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