Saturday 12.11.10

Things are not always what they seem. Words do not always mean what you think.

Lying bed early this morning, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, we should be boning instead of sleeping.

She: Uh, ok?

Me: There are too many people on this side of the table. We are all crammed in and there’s no room to move. I can’t even steel my knife.

It was about that moment that I realized, once again, I was talking in my sleep. “Boning” refers to removing the meat from the bone. You might think it should be de-boning but in the 23 years or so I was in the meat business, we called it boning. I think I must have been thinking I had a pile of meat to take care of – and since I was in the middle of spouse and dog and feeling too comfortable – like I would doze off – I knew I would not be able to get all of this meat boned out.

Once again, I amuse and disappoint.

When I was on one of the production lines in the biz, back in the day, I would have to keep an eye out for people with nothing to do. If I was stacking a pile of meat on the table and noticed that people from the other line were caught up, I would say something like “I could use a couple of boners over here.”

How often do you get to use THAT line?


The Long Underwear Project continues…



Jes and Joelle…

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