Wednesday 2.2.11

Groundhog Day!

You could call this a weather-kicks-you-in-the-nuts day. There was one huge ginormous pile of snow dumped on us last night. I was pleased to find the shop plowed out early this morning so I could concentrate on important snow removal tasks like clearing out our sidewalk and our driveway. Of course, no one went anywhere today so clearing out the driveway was probably just a “keep up with the neighbors” kind of thing. Most important, cleaning out a path in the back yard so the dog has a dandy place to poop. 18 or 20 inches of snow with a 15 to 18 inch dog trying to poop in it somehow does not work out so well. I’m pretty sure that the groundhog would have been smart enough to stay in today. If not, he’s most likely been ground to bits in someone’s snow blower. Mmmm, groundhog stew!

Of course, some snow gaping was in order…


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