Monday 2.21.11


Another day of protests.

You can see from my previous post that we attended the protests in Madison on Saturday. The estimated attendance was nearly 70,000 people. I did not take a head count but there certainly were a LOT of people in Madison. A day earlier, Jesse Jackson was there. I understand his participation… kind of make sense that a life long civil rights activist would show up and do the thing he does.

What I did not know when I was up there on Saturday… Joe the Plumber was there speaking to the tea party people and those that were in support of the Governor. I just watched the speech on YouTube. It is out there if you feel the need to look at it. Let me sum it up and give you my critique.

Samuel Wurzelbacher, a.k.a “Joe the Plumber”… remember this guy? During the 2008 election he suddenly became the Republican symbol for the every day guy, just like you and me. Suddenly, this poster boy was leaving his plumbing practice to contribute his vast political and down to earth knowledge to the many meetings and rallies put on by the right, leading up to a miserable loss on election day. It was all part of the failed McCain campaign to put together something that could possibly out shine where the left was going. Since then, McCain remains a Senator, Palin remains a nut job from Alaska who contributes nothing more than just enough to keep herself in book and/or promotional royalties and Samuel Wurzelbacher takes a day off from “going out to shoot guns” to visit the Wisconsin protests.

The speech in my own abridged recollection: The word “Deserves” should be removed from the English language. The only ones that “Deserve” anything are those fighting in our military. Scott Walker is getting the job done here in Wisconsin.

What the fuck was that? I thought it was quite humorous to read a sign in the Tea Party group that read “Scott Walker, your my hero.” It is “You’re”, thank you. Thank a teacher for that, by the way.

This speech was just about as good as the one given just prior to the one Bill & Ted gave at the end of their excellent adventure. Remember when the kid brought things back together by mentioning how great the sports team was? Same shit here, mention the military. Dude, no one is going to say anything bad about our heroes in the military.

Let me also mention this. There probably are a lot of completely brain dead fuckers in the military as well. People who are stupid, nasty, lazy, cheaters, drunks, drug abusers, spouse abusers, animal abusers and whatever terrible thing you can imagine… those people are also in the military. But, we’ll group them together into all “heroes” and give them a pass.

The issue is Union Busting by the right, Mr. Samuel Wurzelbacher. The issue is not whether or not we need to show our military the respect it deserves. Would you like to try it again and really come up here and speak on the actual issues?

John Oliver from the Daily Show was here today. I heard a rumor about Al Sharpton making a visit. Ed Schultz was here. All kinds of celebs are making the trip to be part of the “history” that is taking place. Please, if you are coming up to support something, actually do it – support something. Don’t just make it a photo op and something else you can tack onto your list of what it is you do. Whip out your fucking wallet and buy a protester a pizza. Walk in there with an extra hat and gloves and hand them out. Take that sign that someone has been lugging around the square and offer to DO IT FOR THEM for a few laps.

Joe the plumber. What a douche. People who think people like Joe the Plumber make a difference in places they do not belong speaking on topics they know nothing about. Equally douche-like.

Going off on Joe the plumber, it sounds as if I really have an issue with the guy. Well, sort of. I have more of an issue with the idea of Joe the Plumber. I completely understand the idea of having a national symbol to rally people together for a cause. We have Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, Lady Forward (In Wisconsin) and any number of other symbols used to rally people. Joe the Plumber? No thanks. Joe the plumber was an accident. This guy had a national moment thanks to now President Obama. The McCain election committee took this dude and tried to make him a national symbol the rest of us “real Americans” could identify with… middle American hard working just doing his thing while supporting everything American. Ok, so I get the symbolism. What I don’t get is where some publicist or agent or maybe even Samuel himself thinks that he really speaks for the rest of us. Put the guy away and continue to use the symbol. Actually use “the guy” and he comes off sounding like a red neck jerk. You can’t come to argue against collective bargaining using the “Heroes in the Military” card. It reminds me of a joke I once heard as a kid:

What is the difference between an orange and a fish? A bicycle, because it has two wheels.


On another semi related note, a couple of my pictures are now on The Huffington Post. One day I might be famous like Joe the Plumber – but I’m not holding my breath.

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