Sunday 3.6.11

More Protesting.

Another Saturday afternoon in Madison. The protest goes on. The Wisconsin 14 are still out of the state. Charlie Sheen takes over the internet.

I enjoy watching a train wreck just as much as anyone. I’ve got to think Scott Walker is thanking god for Charlie Sheen right about now. Listening to Sheen, you’d think Walker would be thanking him as it appears that they are one and the same. At least in Charlie’s mind. Tiger blood, bro. Gnarly.

We completely missed listening to Michael Moore… we were in the coffee line at Starbucks. While there I shook the hand of Assemblyman Brett Hulsey as well as the hand of the fake David Koch, a.k.a. Buffalo Beast’s Ian Murphy. The hand I shook was in fact a real hand.


Brett Hulsey:

Fake David Koch:

Other images from today…

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