Friday 3.11.11

Newt Gingrich. He pretty much shut the government down to go after Bill Clinton for screwing around with Monica Lewinski. Newt Gingrich. He has admitted that his love for country made him seek out as much pussy as possible. He also states “What I can tell you is that when I did things that were wrong, I wasn’t trapped in situation ethics, I was doing things that were wrong, and yet, I was doing them,” he said. “I found that I felt compelled to seek God’s forgiveness. Not God’s understanding, but God’s forgiveness.”

The God card. Played so easily by those that go off the rails. I don’t much care that Newt was looking for a release but holy crap, Newt… I don’t know how you can expect the large amount of the rest of us to just go along with it and elect you President. Whether or not people “inhaled” used to be a big deal a few elections ago. Now we are getting to something like “she only sucked my dick, I never slept with her.” Which kind of makes me wonder where the idea of sleeping ever entered into having sexual relations with someone. Using my imagination here, I assume you could probably have sexual relations with someone and then just go about your business without having to actually sleep.

The God card. You can do any damn thing you want (almost) and then hope God understands. In this recent Wisconsin Union Busting situation I listened to one legislator suggest that he was going to look to God for the right way to vote. In my mind, that legislator was the one elected, not God. That legislator should be the one making the decisions based on the people he represents. Some of those constituents may not believe in his God or any God at all.  Shit, that just seems too simple. I must be wrong.

Just for a minute, take the whole Union Busting/Collective Bargaining thing out of the mix. The amount of politicking, dirty tricks, deception and lies that went into this last 3 or so weeks is completely unbelievable. Just the other day the Governor was suggesting that he was willing to make concessions to this bill and the stand off of the Senate Democrats. Next thing you know, parts are stripped out of the bill and a way to pass it without the 14 Democrats is done. People are shut down. People are not allowed to speak. People are not allowed into the capitol. People are not important. People will “soon understand” once the government is running leaner and meaner – the Walker way. The agenda is important. The talking points ring in my ears.

The story about the Governor’s brother and the brother’s wife.

Dire Consequences for our children.

Kicking the can down the road.

“Providing the tools they need to balance their budget to provide a better alternative…”

“Ultimately” making things better. (Ever notice the Gov. can’t pronounce “Ultimately”… it comes out as something like  ow-tam-ah-ly.)

Wisconsin is open for business. (Really, Wisconsin is open for “businesses”, the ones that come in and dump a shitload of money on the Gov.)

There are more. String them all together and you get everything and only anything this guy has said over and over and over again for the last 4 weeks. 1500 jobs were saved today with the signing of the bill. 250,000 jobs will be created in the next 4 years here in Wisconsin. Life will be (using a phrase from former Illinois  Governor Blagojevich said) “Fucking Golden.”

I doubt this will happen anytime soon.

Every once in a while I’ll get some nut job in here who pontificates on the idea that “they” are coming to get us. “They” are taking our rights away bit by bit and then they go into some insane ranting conspiracy theory shit that begins to sound like someone reading me some stereo instructions. I’ve come to a point where I’m thinking some of these “nut job” people might really not be too far off with some of their talk. Not all of it, but some of it.

Having attended the rallies in Madison at least 4 times over the past weeks, living 20 or so miles away from it, watching the coverage and seeking out as much info as possible I have to wonder beyond the signing of the bill into law… What next? Will the middle class suffer now that Governor Walker has given local Government the tools? What will happen when it is time for new contract negotiations? Will this end with public workers or will it set a precedent for any union worker?

Collective bargaining includes not only negotiations between the employers and unions but also includes the process of resolving labor-management conflicts. Thus, collective bargaining is, essentially, a recognized way of creating a system of industrial jurisprudence. It acts as a method of introducing civil rights in the industry, that is, the management should be conducted by rules rather than arbitrary decision making. It establishes rules which define and restrict the traditional authority exercised by the management.

Workers rights go way beyond unions. What has been done shows that workers rights can be eliminated or re-defined at any moment by a handful of people who suggest it is our or my best interest when in fact, it is in their interest only. That or the interest of those who fund them. When are we going to wake up and stop these people from shoving their own agenda down our throats? How can these people look you in the eye, tell you one thing and then do something completely different – and get away with it?

They can’t.

Tonight I had a conversation with my wife about this and we discussed Wisconsin legislators trying to pass a law that would make it mandatory for voters to have some sort of identification in order to vote. I guess the thought process here, or one of them, is that this is some kind of tool to make it more difficult for Democrats to get votes. Perhaps.

Originally, I came from Illinois. Down there we have the rule that says you must register to vote 28 days prior to an election. This was the rule. The rule was the rule. There was nothing difficult about that at all in my mind. You registered, you received your voter registration card, you went to the polls and cast your vote. It was how we voted. When I came to Wisconsin I discovered that all you needed was some address verification – like a phone bill or something – and you could walk in on voting day and cast your vote. I found this to be quite different than what I had known all of my life. I never seemed to have any issues previously as I figured voters kind of had a clue and knew well in advance that they would be voting… and not only looked at it as a privilege but also as a duty. I was told that my ONE vote would make a difference and believed it. Sometimes I wonder about that but still feel good knowing that my one measly vote is just as valuable as one from some Koch brother.

This last election… the economy had tanked. We (in Wisconsin) had two Democratic terms with Doyle and the tea party folks hammered home the idea that it was time for reform. Out with the old and in with the new. Not a new idea. Things usually happen like this. In all of his campaigning, Walker never once said “I’m going after collective bargaining” or “I’m going to bust the unions.” Listening to him give an interview tonight, when asked about that he avoided the fact that he had never actually stated anything that way but suggested that if you followed his eight years in Milwaukee county and his campaign for Governor, you would have understood that this was what he was going to do. Bullshit, Scott.

The thing to do now is to get your ass to the voting booth. If nothing else, here is a real good example of why you need to vote. I suppose you could ask for God’s understanding when you don’t vote. Perhaps you could ask God to cast your vote. You may be too busy with your second or third job due to the fact that you have to pay more for everything now that the budget has been “repaired.” I’m sure God will understand. No forgiveness.

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