Thursday 3.17.11

One very cool and blustery March day

to Evansville, Wisconsin Scott made his way.

His message was strong, his message was sound

Soon, 250,000 jobs would be found.

The factory had been silent for three or four years,

the workers and local businesses suffered the tears

of an already down-turned economy where

the building had stopped and GM was no longer there.

If only a man could come take control

perhaps the despair would not take its toll.

The man was not Farve, he had gone long ago

It had to be Scott and a block grant, you know.

The jobs would be welcome, the town needs a shot

because the feeling of money is something they had not.

And the message continues all over the state:

Wisconsin is open for business. Gee, ain’t it great?

But the protests continued despite the good news,

Even without Barack in a pair of comfortable shoes.

Why would they do that? Are Wisconsinites dumb?

Did they not see Governor Walker with an upturned thumb?

Were they pissing and moaning about the budget repair bill?

Oh yes, you can bet that for some it hurts still

that the man who was elected and promised new jobs

had failed to mention some things to the slobs

like the fact that he never said he was able

to remove collective bargaining from the table.

But forget about something that happened last week

He’ll bring us new jobs and empower the meek.

The money will flow like a bubbling brook

and you’ll forget that you thought this guy was a crook.

And time will go on, and things will look better

when you are able to spend a bit more of your cheddar.

You’ll soon start to think “hey, this guy ain’t so bad”

And you can discuss it with your newly retired Dad.

You’re working, be happy in your new found profession

and remember who got you that job when it is time for election.

Don’t worry that you can’t seem to get ahead

like your Dad did in the union, before it went dead.

All those perks like safety and days off and sick pay

are not something for you to worry about today

because your Governor has maneuvered you into a spot

where you’ll do what he says, like it or not.

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