Friday 4.22.11

The Math.

People tell you to do it. “Do the Math” is so obviously cliché and yet some seem to kind of miss it. Earlier this week a man called me and asked about some graphics for his son’s car. He described what he wanted, which was pretty straightforward and simple. I would need to match something else on the car and continue the graphics, in this case a simple rally stripe, on the roof of the car. The car is a ’98 Ford Mustang. The car is black, the stripes are some kind of metallic silver. I told him I would be able to do this but I would first need to see the car and the stripes so I could match the material. Since everything is a little different and there are issues with the possible condition of the car, I would like to see it first. Ok, no problem. They would get back to me.

A couple days later I received a call from the kid kind of asking me the same thing. He added that he would maybe want to redo the hood as well. Ok, same as above… I would need to see the car. He wondered how much it would cost. Sight unseen, I quoted something between 100 and 15o. Price would depend on how much I needed to do and how long it would take me to remove the old stuff and prep the vehicle for new work. Ok, no problem. He would get back to me.

He called again this morning to see if I would be here. He would bring the car.

He showed up with the car. He decided that he would like to redo the hood and the trunk, I would also add the roof. I told him that he could save a few bucks by removing the old work himself. If I needed to do everything, he’d be around that 150 range.

Now comes the math which was not done.

“How much if I bring you a kit and you install it?” he asked. $65.00 per hour and if I’m only installing the kit it’ll take me the better part of an hour. “I saw some stuff online… I can get a kit (with a stripe that is narrower than his current stripe… a bad idea due to oxidation since 1998) for about $115.00. I could get that and that’ll save you some fooling around making the stripes and using material.”

Uh… ok. $115.00 plus shipping plus $65.00 per hour (only if I apply to a clean car, not including me removing any old material or glue residue) seems like a little more than $150.00 but if you are doing this to “save” me some dinking around… wonderful.

This is exactly why you should pay attention in math class.


One of my good model friends emailed me to confirm an upcoming shoot. Her subject line – “Yay for Jesus!” This caused me to slightly visualize a bunch of “Jesus” cheerleaders. Gimmie a J!

It continues to rain…

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