Wednesday 4.27.11

There’s a 72 year old farmer guy who comes in here every so often for truck lettering. He is always full of shit, happy and kidding around. So much sometimes that it is hard to tell if he’s kidding or not. Talking to other people in the area who know him, they tell me stories of this guy… that he’s always been a character and that there were some pretty dark times in his life. Losing a wife too early, drinking problems, depression, medical issues, losing the farm………….and then overcoming a lot of these things. His current wife is undergoing treatment for cancer. She sleeps a lot. His outlook is still pretty good.

He once stopped in just to show me the pictures he had just picked up from the drug store’s film processing dept. Their trip was to somewhere in Mexico – some resort. Interesting to see all of these late 60’s and 70’s people relaxing around the pool. He was proud to be in his little yellow speedo. He thought his package was presented in fine form. It was. Yeah… I did not really need to see all of that.

So, he called me the other day to tell me he needed some lettering for 3 trucks. I assumed that this was all he needed. I made what I thought we had discussed and told him they would be something like 15 bucks for the whole thing. He showed up to pick them up and then told me that in fact, he needed the entire label – not just the DOT’s. There was some kind of misunderstanding when we had discussed this on the phone. I was kind of disappointed in myself for getting it wrong and was a little flustered.

He looked at me and very seriously said “Say, you might want to take a look in a mirror, you got a big booger hanging down, right there.”

So now I’m looking for something to wipe my nose with. I’m feeling extra “exposed” in some way. He then tells me he was kidding. Fucker. I was still wiping my nose after he left.

I made the new lettering and he came in to pick up the order. I showed him how to install them like a pro and we discussed trivial things. We talked about how one of the step kids just messed up the back end of the car. We talked about gambling casinos in and around the area. Seems he goes every so often and they have a trip planned to go to one somewhere in Colorado in a couple of weeks. We continued bullshitting with each other as I swiped his credit card. I was kind of walking him towards the front door as we continued. I sat on the edge of a table that is located near the front door. I’ve used this table as a photography prop from time to time.

He said “Hey, be careful on that… I don’t think those legs will hold.” I told him that I had actually tied naked women to this table and it held up fairly well. He looked kind of surprised, amused and interested at the same time. I told him that the last time I used it there was still the impression of a body on it after I was done but you could not see it now as I had cleaned it off. Being the 72 year old non-politically correct perverted guy that he is, he asked if I cleaned it off with my tongue.

I told him that I was going to use his but every time I call, he’s at the fucking casino again.

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