Tuesday 5.10.11

Here I sit, waiting once again for some people to show up for pictures. The shoot tonight was supposed to happen at 7:00. In fact, I pushed it off to 7:00 – they originally suggested 6:00. Current time: 8:05. Sometimes this is how it goes.

Other times, THIS is how it goes…

I received an email from some total stranger model the other day. This is not rare, sometimes this results in actual pictures of somebody. The mail went like this:

Model: A photographer told me to contact you while I am in town. I dont know if this is the correct port even or if you are the correct person. I am in town and am interested in shooting. I am a experienced bondage model. If your interested please PM me

Thanks, (Model)

Ok, you are contacting a person via email but you don’t know if this is even the “correct” person? If I was not the correct person, should I do everything in my power to try to figure out who the correct person might be… just to be a nice guy? Assuming I AM the correct person you seek, you tell me (a person who actually does do bondage photography) that you are interested in shooting. My gut tells me this will not go well and that someone is fishing for some financing. I take a look at her portfolio and figure she looks ok, so I respond…

Me: Let me know when you are available… I’m south of Madison about 20 miles. I don’t know how long you are here but I usually shoot any time on the weekends or in the evenings during the week.

I’m probably the correct person…


9 hours later she responds:

Model: Ok I wasn’t sure. But what kind of shoots do you do? He said your work is great.

What? My smart ass department kicks in…

Me: 1. Who is “he”?

2. Have you even looked at any of what I do?

3. My primary focus at the moment is bondage. Artful – if possible – bondage. Rope, shibari, suspension work. This is not for everyone. I do see that you have done some bondage work.

I also have more than enough bondage models available. I would consider TF or I would be glad to send you some rates.

I know some people in Ohio with actual names. I wonder if it was one of those people. I threw out the “Only doing bondage work” thing… this tends to weed out some people who are half serious or in this case, not very forthcoming with information. Anticipating that the next message would be about the model’s rates, I offered to send my own rates. She follows up with a very clear and understandable message:

Model: Thanks but I am from Ohio. I do a ton of bondage work its not even touched upon in my port the extent of bondage I usually do. However, I have expenses so I dont think it will work this time, but thanks

The spelling and punctuation should have tipped me off in the beginning. I guess I should not be too harsh about it though, after all, she is from Ohio. (Just what the hell does that have to do with anything?)

So, there you go. In the end, the group of people showed up at 8:15 or so…

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